Plasticity Labs Announces Their Newest Product – Plasticity Insights


& Culture Analytics

Organizations today are facing new challenges of understanding how their workplace culture, vision and management impact individuals, departments and locations.

Many companies are consolidating HR platforms to try to better understand their people data.

What if your business could measure how your corporate goals and values are impacting your employees?

What if you could identify and track the impact of organizational changes on individuals and teams?

What if you could use your people and culture data to build a better workplace?

Welcome to Plasticity Insights.

Organizations Who Use Plasticity Insights

Plasticity Insights

Plasticity Labs is disrupting the employee engagement industry with Plasticity Insights, a new survey and reporting system designed to give you unmatched data and insights into your organization’s people and culture performance.

Built for the future of work-life integration, Plasticity Insights considers the well-being of the whole person in their recommendations.

Our evidence-based approach looks further upstream to ensure you get the engagement, innovation, and performance that your company needs.

Asking the right questions at the right time



20 Questions

10 – 15 minutes

Quarterly assessments to align with your goals & KPIs

Available on PCs, phones & tablets


1-3x / week

Too short (3-5 questions)

Not asking the right questions to solve organization challenges

Employee survey fatigue from being asked for feedback so frequently



Too long (100+ questions)

Too slow for action

Information overload makes it difficult to find solutions

Going beyond employee engagement

Plasticity Insights takes an evidence-based approach to personal and organizational development. Our 20 question survey dives deep into employee feedback to assess the well-being of your employees and workplace culture.

The Workplace HERO Survey, measures the factors that are linked to happy, healthy and high—performing employees and teams.

We measure things like inspiration, trust, recognition, stress and satisfaction as well as emotional intelligence including, hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism.

The first employee engagement assessment to measure impact of organizational change and workplace culture

Compare employee sentiment by gender

See how your workplace culture is impacting the happiness, performance and well-being of all genders in your organizations

Uncover how happy and satisfied millennials are with their jobs

Find out what they love about your workplace culture and drives their engagement.

Reveal new insights with your data

Map employee feedback to your existing employee data to understand how employee well-being and office culture impact employee retention, employer brand sentiment, corporate goals and KPIs.


Get a top-down view of your organization with heat map reports.

See your organization by team, location, branch, gender, or tenure to know exactly how each group is doing so you can make informed decisions.


Plasticity Insights makes it easy for you to manage the creation and distribution of surveys.

We offer a library of surveys which can be chosen in addition to the HERO Survey.

Simply upload a spreadsheet and organize employees by departments or branches.

“Since implementation about 18 months ago, Plasticity has enabled us to build links between office and field staff that we have not been able to do before. It allows us to track programs and their progress against metrics.”

– Samson Ling, CEO of Clarion Medical Technologies

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