When you think about the characteristics of a successful manager, what comes to mind? Some descriptors may be creative, intuitive, committed, and disciplined. But what about precise, comprehensive, and calculated? These qualities often go under the radar when describing effective management, but are arguably some of the most important. The ability to make carefully formulated decisions and judgements regarding employees are what can make work teams function seamlessly. How can this be done?

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to join the Plasticity Labs team as a marketing and communications intern. Not only was this my very first time working in a professional setting, but also my first time working on a thriving start-up team. The fast-paced, passionate, and vibrant atmosphere of the company made for an exhilarating and quick few months.

Plasticity Labs is excited to announce that Janice Young is formally joining us in a Full Time role as our Customer Happiness Specialist! Janice has worked closely with all of our customers for over a year in a part time capacity, but being so good at what she does, our customers just wanted more time with this rockstar!  We of course had to respond by offering Janice the chance to become a full fledged Plastician, certainly not something we take lightly around here. 

We are so happy to have Janice become a full-time member of our team. All of us here at Plasticity are confident that she will continue to bring joy to our customers as she truly embodies our company’s mission. Janice is passionate about making people happy, so we could not be more thrilled to have her take this next step at Plasticity.

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It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside... and you're stuck in the office. 

Everyone seems to be staring longingly out the window from their desks. With glimpses of summertime coming our way, it is difficult to stay focused at work. As employers, how do you maintain good levels of productivity and happiness in the workplace when employee concentration is focused outdoors? Our research has demonstrated that employee happiness plays a crucial role in workplace productivity. As discovered by Dr. Leith, “a happy worker is a productive worker. When people are happy they are more energetic, more motivated, more creative, and most importantly, more productive at given tasks”1. What makes your employees happy in the summertime, and how can you leverage that to boost productivity? We’ve outlined six ways to engage employees and lift them out of the inevitable ‘summer slump’:

Some companies still crush it while the markets crumble around them. If you read anything about the startup and tech world these days, you would have most certainly noticed the predictions of a Unicorn apocalypse. If there is such a thing as an actual unicorn (and there is) then they are ancient and have survived more than a few economic downturns (Egypt, Rome, The Dark Ages, Seinfeld ending). This one will be no different. Maybe we should just stop and study the real thoroughbreds out there instead of being so “horn-struck”. The companies we should be focusing on have what it takes to handle the good times and the more challenging ones. They see opportunity where others see excessive risk and doubt. A recent Techstars blog post suggests, “the very best entrepreneurs don’t pay much attention to the doom and gloom everyone else is paralyzed by”. I agree. Here’s why.

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The workday has just started, and already you feel on edge.

Maybe it’s a feeling of incessant worry, or even an ever-present lurch in your stomach. You might even find yourself repeating questions to yourself like a mantra of negativity: “Am I good enough? Am I doing enough?” However it manifests, anxiety is something that plagues millions of adults both in and out of the workplace.

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Be honest with yourself:

How often do you come home at the end of a workday feeling exhausted and at the end of your rope? If your honest answer is anything other than “too often”, you can consider yourself incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, the experience of depletion is a very real obstacle that stands in the way of us meeting our full potential. Importantly, however, you may not be aware of just how much of an obstacle it can be. The purpose of this blog is to shed some light on this process by outlining (1) the specific mechanism that explains how depletion occurs, (2) what the experience of depletion means for you and those around you, and (3) how best to manage it in the workplace.

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