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It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside... and you're stuck in the office. 

Everyone seems to be staring longingly out the window from their desks. With glimpses of summertime coming our way, it is difficult to stay focused at work. As employers, how do you maintain good levels of productivity and happiness in the workplace when employee concentration is focused outdoors? Our research has demonstrated that employee happiness plays a crucial role in workplace productivity. As discovered by Dr. Leith, “a happy worker is a productive worker. When people are happy they are more energetic, more motivated, more creative, and most importantly, more productive at given tasks”1. What makes your employees happy in the summertime, and how can you leverage that to boost productivity? We’ve outlined six ways to engage employees and lift them out of the inevitable ‘summer slump’:

Credit Union Members Report Highest Satisfaction Levels Among All Financial Institutions

Among all financial institutions, credit unions have ranked the highest in customer satisfaction levels for the last seven years running. In a recent study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), it was reported that credit unions were ranked first in customer satisfaction, significantly outpacing all other financial institutions. The credit union customer satisfaction score of 85 is first among financial institutions and notably higher than the average bank score of 76. Why are satisfaction levels so much higher in credit unions?

Most people complain about their jobs. According to Scott Adams, the reason why the Dilbert comic strip is so successful is largely attributable to its workplace setting and themes. Adams has said that switching the setting from Dilbert's home to his office was when the strip really started to take off.  We all love to laugh about how much our jobs suck – it’s a universal theme.

Businessman Stretching While Working on His Laptop Throughout the Plasticity Faces in Spaces, on Culture video campaign, we learned how our mood is impacted by the space in which we work. Productivity, levels of happiness and engagement can all be affected by our workspace. Different workspace requirements vary within organizations, departments, and teams. Even individual employees have different workspace requirements based on their working style; so this got me to thinking, what are the requirements of someone who works from home? 

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