You’re sitting at your cubicle after staring into your monitor for the better part of the day. You’ve written dozens of e-mails, signed off on hundreds of little decisions (including where to spend your lunch hour), when it hits you like a 5-tonne coffee mug: The 2pm Brick Wall. Suddenly, the thought of typing out another ten word memo is akin to competing in a marathon. You are drained. Exhausted. The creative juices that were fuelling your keyboard-prowess have all but run out. How can you restore all of the razor-focused attention you came into the office with that very same morning? How can you get a fresh new burst of energy to help you get through those final few office hours?

Credit Union Members Report Highest Satisfaction Levels Among All Financial Institutions

Among all financial institutions, credit unions have ranked the highest in customer satisfaction levels for the last seven years running. In a recent study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), it was reported that credit unions were ranked first in customer satisfaction, significantly outpacing all other financial institutions. The credit union customer satisfaction score of 85 is first among financial institutions and notably higher than the average bank score of 76. Why are satisfaction levels so much higher in credit unions?

Most people complain about their jobs. According to Scott Adams, the reason why the Dilbert comic strip is so successful is largely attributable to its workplace setting and themes. Adams has said that switching the setting from Dilbert's home to his office was when the strip really started to take off.  We all love to laugh about how much our jobs suck – it’s a universal theme.

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