They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Emoji are used in around half of every sentence on Instagram. Facebook now uses Emoji alongside their famous ‘like’ button for more powerful reactions to posts1. Emoji are revolutionizing the way that we communicate online, allowing for richer and more intuitive digital communication than ever before.

It's a gorgeous, sunny day outside... and you're stuck in the office. 

Everyone seems to be staring longingly out the window from their desks. With glimpses of summertime coming our way, it is difficult to stay focused at work. As employers, how do you maintain good levels of productivity and happiness in the workplace when employee concentration is focused outdoors? Our research has demonstrated that employee happiness plays a crucial role in workplace productivity. As discovered by Dr. Leith, “a happy worker is a productive worker. When people are happy they are more energetic, more motivated, more creative, and most importantly, more productive at given tasks”1. What makes your employees happy in the summertime, and how can you leverage that to boost productivity? We’ve outlined six ways to engage employees and lift them out of the inevitable ‘summer slump’:

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The workday has just started, and already you feel on edge.

Maybe it’s a feeling of incessant worry, or even an ever-present lurch in your stomach. You might even find yourself repeating questions to yourself like a mantra of negativity: “Am I good enough? Am I doing enough?” However it manifests, anxiety is something that plagues millions of adults both in and out of the workplace.

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Be honest with yourself:

How often do you come home at the end of a workday feeling exhausted and at the end of your rope? If your honest answer is anything other than “too often”, you can consider yourself incredibly lucky. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, the experience of depletion is a very real obstacle that stands in the way of us meeting our full potential. Importantly, however, you may not be aware of just how much of an obstacle it can be. The purpose of this blog is to shed some light on this process by outlining (1) the specific mechanism that explains how depletion occurs, (2) what the experience of depletion means for you and those around you, and (3) how best to manage it in the workplace.


Think back to the last time you spread your life-plan out across your work desk...

What are you hoping to accomplish in the next year? 5 years? 10 years? What sorts of accolades and achievements are you hoping to hang in your living room? If you’re a particularly ambitious or motivated person, you’re actively working toward each goal, taking carefully planned steps towards your dreams. For the rest of us, the real question is whether or not we’ll be able to stay the course until those dreams are realized!

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If you suffer from any mental health conditions in or out of work, know that you are NOT ALONE.

At Plasticity Labs, we encounter research everyday which stresses the amount of health related issues experienced in the workplace. Stress, anxiety and depression just to name a few. We are doing our best to educate ourselves and others on simple ways to give and get support at work when it comes to mental health. We thought a very powerful place to start, would be in the simple act of raising awareness. If you suffer from any mental health conditions in or out of work, know that you are NOT ALONE. The following is a post from an anonymous guest blogger that wanted to share their experience of anxiety in life and in the workplace. Please read, share and reach out if you would like to share your stories or questions with us. A big thank you to our anonymous writer.

You’re sitting at your cubicle after staring into your monitor for the better part of the day. You’ve written dozens of e-mails, signed off on hundreds of little decisions (including where to spend your lunch hour), when it hits you like a 5-tonne coffee mug: The 2pm Brick Wall. Suddenly, the thought of typing out another ten word memo is akin to competing in a marathon. You are drained. Exhausted. The creative juices that were fuelling your keyboard-prowess have all but run out. How can you restore all of the razor-focused attention you came into the office with that very same morning? How can you get a fresh new burst of energy to help you get through those final few office hours?

It’s that age old time of year when we all start to reflect on the past year and start making resolutions for the year to come. Not everyone believes in making resolutions, but I tend to think setting goals is a healthy habit at any time of the year. With that spirit in mind, I had the entire Plasticity team reflect on their personal and professional goals for the New Year. By sharing these goals with each other, we can help to support our team to make sure it happens. We wanted to share our personal and professional goals with our community to help inspire a chain reaction- by sharing our work goals with you, you might share yours back with us. Without further adieu, here are the Plasticity Lab’s team resolutions for 2015:

Start understanding your workplace culture

We work with companies of all sizes and sectors and we've discovered that their workplace challenges are all quiet similar. We'd love to learn more about you and your organization and what you hope to accomplish.