H.E.R.O. Traits

The benefits of employees who have Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism.

After rigorous data analysis, and benchmarking research, Plasticity Labs has discovered that these traits, along with Gratitude, Mindfulness and Empathy are KEY drivers to engaged and high performing individuals, groups and organizational cultures.

These are the psychological skills of happy, high performing people.


Hope allows us to visualize different solutions to our problems, and gives us the power of perseverance.

Hopeful employees are great at problem solving and creative brainstorming.

Hope makes teams more innovative and more likely to see big ideas come to life.


Efficacious people believe that their actions are important and can have an impact on the world.

They are effective and feel empowered to do high quality work.

They also tend to possess a growth mindset, and more open to learning and change.


Resilience allows us to deal with difficult situations and projects.

Resilience gives employees the power to do their best work, even when it’s hard.

Resilient employees are critical to company success.


Optimism represents a generally positive outlook towards whatever might come your way.

Optimistic employees are less likely to assume the worst out of coworkers, customers, and organizations. 

Gratitude & Empathy

Gratitude is the process of recognizing and appreciating the good in one’s life and the role of others in fostering it. It is an important component in the workplace as it boosts happiness, sense of community and job satisfaction.

Empathy is about feeling what others feel and putting yourself in other people’s shoes. It’s about accurately identifying and responding to other people’s emotions, thoughts, wants, and needs.

Mental Health

Mindfulness is the ability to remain present, aware and focused in the moment. Although it can be very difficult to stay in the present moment, this skill can be practiced and developed though activities such as meditation and savouring.

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