BBC: Pretending you care can help your career

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…Ultimately, it’s best for your career to figure out how to genuinely care for others in the workplace, say researchers. And some companies are encouraging employees to learn these tactics, not fake them.

Plasticity Labs in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada, offers a platform for companies who want their employees to log on to learn and practice traits including empathy, resilience and compassion for a few minutes each day, says Dave Whiteside, Plasticity Labs’ happiness research fellow.

About 35 companies use the company’s emotional intelligence platform that helps firms to measure workplace morale. Employees complete online exercises dissecting work problems from various points of view to help them understand varying perspectives. The first step in learning to care about the problems of others is to simply listen to colleagues, rather than jumping to help the other person solve a work problem, he says.

“If you don’t know what the issue is, you can’t relate,” Whiteside says. “It’s about building the ability to take on someone else’s perspective.”

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