Toronto Star: Workplace Happiness? There’s An App For That!

About This Project

“When you’re actually asking people to think about (gratitude) every single day, that is where, whether people realize it or not, the behaviour is actually changing in the brain,” Jim explains.

But the app goes further. It provides a range of surveys designed by Plasticity’s seven doctoral candidates to gauge traits such as inspiration and resilience — deemed by researchers to be the “parent traits to happiness.”

The data generated from the surveys is then analyzed and passed on in aggregate to employers, along with recommendations on what interventions might improve workplace culture.

For instance: “We have learned that there have been women in a group that aren’t happy. And we’ve been able to identify that and shift management or shift thinking around it, and prepare programming that is suited just to create a culture that is more inclusive,” says Jennifer.

“This is the mission-critical data about culture that allows you to justify really major spending on people and culture that will pay off,” Jim adds.

For Fibernetics, one of their clients, it has.

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