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Organizations today are facing new challenges of understanding how their workplace culture, vision and management impact individuals, departments and locations.

Many companies are consolidating HR platforms to try to better understand their people data.

What if your business could measure how your corporate goals and values are impacting your employees?

What if you could identify and track the impact of organizational changes on individuals and teams?

What if you could use your people and culture data to build a better workplace?

Welcome to Plasticity Insights.

Organizations Who Trust Plasticity Insights

Plasticity Insights

Plasticity Labs is transforming how companies approach employee engagement with Plasticity Insights, a new survey and reporting system designed to give you unmatched data and insights into your organization’s people and culture performance.

Built for the future of work-life integration, Plasticity Insights considers the well-being of the whole person in their recommendations.

Our evidence-based approach looks further upstream to ensure you get the engagement, innovation, and performance that your company needs.

Asking the right questions at the right time



20 Questions

10 – 15 minutes

Quarterly assessments to align with your goals & KPIs

Available on PCs, phones & tablets


1-3x / week

Too short (3-5 questions)

Not asking the right questions to solve organization challenges

Employee survey fatigue from being asked for feedback so frequently



Too long (100+ questions)

Too slow for action

Information overload makes it difficult to find solutions

Going beyond employee engagement

Plasticity Insights takes an evidence-based approach to personal and organizational development. Our 20 question survey dives deep into employee feedback to assess the well-being of your employees and workplace culture.

The Workplace HERO Survey, measures the factors that are linked to happy, healthy and high—performing employees and teams.

We measure things like inspiration, trust, recognition, stress and satisfaction as well as emotional intelligence including, hope, efficacy, resilience and optimism.

The first employee engagement survey to identify and measure impacts of organization change and culture

Understand the dynamics that are driving your culture

Get a clear picture of what’s driving your corporate culture and understand how it’s impacting your employees, your customers and organization’s performance.

Discover what’s negatively impacting your organization’s health

Managers and leaders often have a suspicion that their might be a problem in their organization. Using our advanced reporting system, Plasticity Insights can determine what’s having a negative effect on your organization’s success and where the problems are coming from so you can make informed decision to drive positive change.

Uncover never seen before insights with external data

Map Plasticity Insights to your existing employee data to better understand employee retention, succession planning, employer brand sentiment, corporate goals and KPIs.


Don’t wait weeks for results, get instant insights with the interactive dashboard.

Designed to give leadership a top-down view of organization health and performance, Plasticity Insights dashboard makes it easy to assess and understand where you need to focus to drive results.


Get a top-down view of your organization with heat map reports.

See your organization by team, location, branch, gender, or tenure to know exactly how each group is doing so you can make informed decisions.


Plasticity Insights is easy for anyone manage the creation and distribution of surveys.

We offer a library of employee surveys which can be chosen in addition to the HERO Survey.

Simply upload a list of employees and sort employees by teams, departments or location.

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Understanding Plasticity Insights

Who uses Plasticity Insights?

Our customers range from sales teams of 50 employees to global brands with +10,000 employees. The survey platform is easy for anyone to measure and report back to their organizations. It’s a trusted reporting system is used by General Managers, District Managers, Sales and Customer Services Managers, VPs, and HR teams, as well as across entire organizations.

How often do you survey employees?

Our surveys are designed to run quarterly – every 90 days. Reports are then delivered immediately to give decision-makers the information they need to accurately understand the layout of their organization and implement key organizational changes. These reports can be aligned with quarterly goals, KPIs and other ongoing initiatives.

What if our staff hate taking surveys?

It’s easy to hate surveys done the wrong way, and this may be the case with your employees. Annual surveys can be too long and infrequent, and frequent pulse surveys can lead to survey fatigue. We’ve found that perfect balance with our quarterly report, re-engineering the process from the initial communication to our reports to help employees clearly understand the purpose of the assessment and why it is as valuable to them as it is to you.

Do I have to survey my entire organization?

Not necessarily. Our surveys work best for teams or groups of 50 or more employees, but we have many Director-level, Regional Managers, Sales and Customer Service managers who use Plasticity Insights to measure the health and performance of their specific teams or locations. It is all about suiting your specific needs.

Do I need my HR team to manage the process?

We make it easy for team leaders to measure individual teams, groups, or locations / branches. Using Plasticity Insights’ Administration Panel, you can quickly upload a list of employees and schedule surveys. With automated reports, you get your results as soon as your survey campaign has finished.

How do we communicate Plasticity Insights with our staff?

Our Customer Happiness Specialists will help guide you through the process of launching your first survey. If you need help along the way, we offer best=practice communications and email templates to assist you in explaining the program to senior leadership and all employees.


How do you distribute the surveys?

Surveys are distributed using employee email addresses – it’s as simple as uploading a CSV file of your staff list. Employees will receive an email with a secure link to your survey. The survey is cloud-based and can be used anywhere, being optimized for web and mobile devices.

What are the expected completion rates?

We aim for a completion rate of 80%, and we often see completion rates over 90% given our holistic approach to employee surveys.

Will it replace my annual employee survey?

While Plasticity Insights can work alongside of your annual survey, most of our customers decide to transition solely to our quarterly Insights surveys because of the regular reporting and to help create a consistent strategy for organizational improvement.

Can I add additional questions?

Custom questions and surveys are available in Insights Plus and PRO. Contact us for additional information on custom surveying.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

The Workplace HERO Survey is 20 questions and generally takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, and we aim to always fit within this 5-10 minute range for all of our surveys. This means that our surveys require significantly less time than typical annual surveys, and we provide opportunities to dive deeper into problem areas with additional surveys based on the findings of your report.

How long should I run the survey?

We recommend running the survey for 14 days, and you can control the start and end dates in the Admin panel. Standard survey results are automated and available immediately after the end of your survey campaign. Custom survey and quantitative data reports will be delivered within 5 – 10 business days.

Is the survey available in other languages?

Yes, we currently offer the Workplace HERO Survey in English, Canadian French, German, Korean, Japanese, ZH-CN (Mainland China) and ZH-HK (Hong Kong).


Can I talk to someone about my results?

Yes. Plasticity Insights provides you access to one hour of telephone consulting with an Organizational Insights Expert per report that can help you understand the findings and additional recommendations.

What can we do with our old data?

If you are switching to Insights PRO from another Employee Survey, please provide us a copy of your historic data and we will integrate your old data into your new reports.

Privacy & Security

Are the surveys & reports anonymous?

Yes. We only ever report on group trends and we only report on groups large enough to protect employee anonymity. Teams or departments that do not meet our thresholds for anonymity will be combined with any other groups that fall below the threshold – this privacy is integral to getting our completion rates and maintaining your employees’ trust. All survey data is aggregated anonymized and encrypted, and you will never be able to trace individual data back to an individual.

How is data secured and privacy ensured?

All data is encrypted at all times and privacy policy meets the Government of Canada’s TCPS 2 (2014) — Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

“Since implementation about 18 months ago, Plasticity has enabled us to build links between office and field staff that we have not been able to do before. It allows us to track programs and their progress against metrics.”

– Samson Ling, CEO of Clarion Medical Technologies

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