High-Performing Organizations are Made Up of Happy, Healthy, Productive People & Teams

In today’s organizations, a one-size-fits all approach to people and culture just won’t work. Team optimization requires a more granular examination of individuals and teams to truly maximize health, happiness, and performance.

Plasticity provides that critical assessment and then goes one step further providing the right habit training, to the right people and measuring the impact on the team performance.

Plasticity’s machine-learning engines go to work right away targeting each employee with the habit building activities to make them healthier, happier and higher-performing.

Employees don’t need to wait for managers to review and react to reports. Instead, they are immediately offered simple but meaningful actions they can take to improve themselves and your company culture. This allows managers to focus on the big changes that take time because Plasticity is taking care of the rest.

We Help Your Employees Find Meaning and Joy in Their Jobs





How it Works

Plasticity uniquely combines three important things to create lasting change. Insights, Training, and Community Building.

  1. Plasticity Insights measures and reports on the health, happiness, and performance of your teams every 90 days. and populates a real-time dashboard to check in on progress at any time.
  2. Plasticity PATH™ puts those insights into action training healthier habits with short, fun, micro training activities. MIRA AI is the newest advancement in professional development acting as a personal coach so you don’t have to.
  3. Plasticity Community combines social collaboration and group activities to foster higher-performing thriving company culture.

Plasticity Insights

Real-Time Dashboard

Helps you understand the daily, weekly and monthly changes in your team’s engagement, happiness, and health.

Performance reports

Help you understand the impact that the platform is having and helps you make better decisions.

Company Heatmaps

Lets you see your team broken out by group, tenure, gender, location to know exactly how each group is doing so your time and energy is spent in the right places.


Habit Formation Engine

Works privately with individual people to develop the habits that matter and makes sure they stick.

Personal Journal

Keeps track of their personal development and lets them reflect on their work and life to identify patterns so they can be their best.


First in class AI that acts as a personal coach selecting the best habit building activities and delivering them at the right time.


Group Activities

Allows those people who feel comfortable to develop themselves as a team and learn from each other in a safe environment.

Social Feed

Provides a home for your company culture that is searchable and interactive, sharing posts, photos and videos that matter to team success.

People Pages

Allows people to learn about each other and share more or less of what makes them unique and builds friendships that matter.


What Employees Value at Work:

How it Relates to Performance

In-Depth Reports for Better Decision Making

With Plasticity Insights, organizations receive in-depth reports every 90 days detailing the overall health, performance and engagement as well as detailed team analytics.

Heat Maps

Heat maps reflect quarter over quarter shifts in workplace outcomes, emotional intelligence and performance metrics by department and geographic regions.

Workplace Outcomes Over Time

General workplace trends provide an organization-wide view of changes in each outcome over time. The scores of the current reporting period can be compared with previous HERO Surveys to see which areas have improved and which need action.

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