You Deserve to be Happy, Healthy, and High-Performing

Plasticity is a cloud-based platform and mobile app that helps you develop the psychological and emotional skills that can lead to a happier, healthier, higher-performing self.

Using the science of neuroplasticity, daily micro-training activities strengthen your emotional intelligence. These activities are focused on building a healthy, happier mindset using our HERO Traits (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism).

This doesn’t mean you have to be happy all of the time, but with repeated practice, you should begin to feel a more positive outlook on work and life. It will help you become more resilient to the negative things that happen in life and begin to sense an overall greater sense of well-being. Give it a try today, it’s free – forever.





Plasticity for Individuals Waiting List

Currently, Plasticity Platform is designed for use in the workplace for teams and organizations.

We’re working on a new version of our technology that will help individuals track their happiness and build emotional intelligence.

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How it Works

Evidence-Based Daily Activities

Each day you will be asked a series of questions. From one question to several, no more than five minutes in length, with the goal of building habits of self-awareness. Plasticity leverages neuroplasticity (the flexible state of your brain) to develop new thought patterns through positive psychology.

Measuring Happiness

First, Mira will ask about your mood in the moment. A 100-point Happiness Scale pops up every three hours after a user enters the platform to get Mira to assess why we’re feeling this way.

The happiness question is put in front of you as an entry point to the rest of the platform. This happiness scale helps people to analyze and better understand how their mood shifts and what impacts it positively and negatively throughout their day.

Plasticity is all about brief but meaningful interventions that offer constant feedback. Over time, users are able to see what impacts their happiest and highest performing self the most.

Personal & Professional Development

The platform also offers personal and professional training. The activity content has been developed by PhDs in Social and Organizational Psychology and experts in online learning and education.

These insight-driven activities are targeted just for you, to enhance personal and professional development. Additionally, special courses by world recognized experts in Positive Psychology and leadership will be available. Shawn Achor, best-selling author and advisor to NASA, offers his Happiness Advantage PATH; Tal Ben Shahar shares learning direct from his media outlet,; Amy Blankson will be sharing how to balance technology and happiness; and Michelle Gielan will provide training on ways to communicate happier messages out to the world.

This is truly first of its kind programming because it is rooted in neurosciences, cognitive behavioural therapy and predictive analytics – led by Mira – a mentor and guide that helps facilitate the emotional intelligence training.

Plasticity also develops you in areas of which you may not have realized there was a gap. Your experience is a mixture of self-guided and directed decisions – driven by your actions and self-reporting.


H.E.R.O. Traits

Learn about the benefits of employees who have Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism.

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