Plasticity Platform

The only Engagement Platform to help improve the health, happiness and well-being of your employees

Plasticity Platform goes beyond engagement to start building a thriving workplace culture where your employees can flourish.

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Meet Mira

Mira is your personal guide and coach through Plasticity

Mira will lead you through your path to personal and professional development, inspiring the concepts of reflection and self-analysis. The more you engage with Mira, the further she can help you to develop your psychological fitness and well-being.

As Mira’s name suggests, she will be your mirror, reflecting your personal thoughts and emotions throughout the platform experience. Remember, these words are your own – she will just help you to interpret the sentiment behind them and get you to consider how they are impacting your life.

Mira can be found in places like the Journal, the Plasticity Dashboard, and during periods of directed learning. Mira also offers privacy and the ability for you to take the lead on your own. Mira remains your partner as you build and reflect a better emotional, mental and intellectual image of yourself.

How it Works

Measuring Happiness

To begin, Mira will ask about your mood in the moment.

A 100-point Happiness Scale pops up every three hours upon entering the platform.

You can answer that happiness question throughout the day. “For example, did something amazing happen that you’d like to jot down and ensure you remember it for later? The instant happiness question allows you to do just that.

Evidence-Based Daily Activities

Each day you will be asked a series of questions. From one question to several, no more than five minutes in length, with the goal of building habits of self-awareness.

Plasticity leverages neuroplasticity (the flexible state of your brain) to develop new thought patterns using positive psychology.


It stores your answer on the Journal and in your Plastiticy Dashboard so you can reflect on the happier moments in your life – an excellent way to build up your skills for overall happiness.

And, if you just need to clear away a negative feeling, the happiness question gives you that flexibility too. Share why you’re feeling unhappy in that moment and make a note. You can also reflect on a challenging time when needed.

The Path activities will take you back to those moments on occasion to help you reframe the experience. This skill is taught to improve your resiliency at work.

Plasticity Helps Build Community

Having strong relationships is a key trait within every happiness model.

It increases longevity, improves personal and professional performance and simply, it just makes life more enjoyable.

Plasticity helps foster relationship building in a variety of ways:

Personal profiles build authentic friendships and increases empathy. Work can be stressful – we all know that to be true.

A social collaboration tool allows you to connect and share with others, group activities increases on and offline team engagement and creative thinking.

But, your community will always be there. Intended to be a place of fun and psychological safety, a place to hang out with friends, or just get that boost in moments when you need it the most.


What Employees Value at Work:

How it Relates to Performance

How Is Plasticity Different From Other Employee Engagement Platforms?

Plasticity is a first-in-category mental health and happiness platform.

In a recent customer feedback survey, Plasticity was shown to improve overall happiness in over 80% of its customers.

Data Beyond The Workplace

Plasticity also gathers emotional intelligence data from a vast subset of customers including; youth in schools from grade 1 – 12, Universities and Colleges, non-profits, government, municipalities, cities and regions, startups, small-to medium enterprise companies and even large enterprise organizations with over 60,000+ employees globally.

The amount of data related to happiness and EI and the ability to translate that data into proof of ROI is how Plasticity is now able to work on broader programs related to happiness and macroeconomics.

The company is now working with NGOs, various areas of education, government policy-making, and mental health and mental illness advocacy. Currently there is no one else that can compete so comprehensively in this space.

Emotional Intelligence Tools

Additional research performed by the Plasticity Labs PhD research team showed that using the platform increases measurable goals and delivers concrete, evidence-based ROI for organizations and groups.

The HERO traits have been shown to produce the happiest, highest-performing individuals, specific to different teams, leadership clusters, companies and industries.

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