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In today’s organizations, a one-size-fits all approach to people and culture just won’t work. Team optimization requires a more granular examination of individuals and teams to truly maximize health, happiness, and performance.

Plasticity provides that critical assessment and then goes one step further providing the right habit training, to the right people and measuring the impact on the team performance.

Plasticity’s machine-learning engines go to work right away targeting each employee with the habit building activities to make them healthier, happier and higher-performing.

Employees don’t need to wait for managers to review and react to reports. Instead, they are immediately offered simple but meaningful actions they can take to improve themselves and your company culture. This allows managers to focus on the big changes that take time because Plasticity is taking care of the rest.

Employee Well-being & Engagement Platform

Plasticity is the first Engagement Platform to improve the health, happiness and well-being of your employees

Plasticity goes beyond engagement to help build a thriving workplace culture where employees can flourish.

Plasticity Platform

Plasticity is the first employee engagement platform to incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) in the workplace.

Rooted in neuroscience, and backed by leading research in positive psychology and emotional intelligence, Plasticity helps individuals rewire for happiness through short and engaging activities as well as a social network to build community.

Plasticity’s platform is built on the foundation of the HERO Traits (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism) as well as gratitude, empathy and mindfulness as the key traits of happy, healthy and high-performing people. 

  • PATH

    • Submit and track employee happiness
    • Daily micro-training activities
    • Library of activities and well-being exercises
    • Track daily goals


    • Happiness dashboard
    • Understand & annotate happiness scores over time
    • Track history of activities and report progress


    • Private, safe online community
    • Connect with co-workers and share experiences
    • Celebrate positivity in the workplace
    • Group posts help employees bond


How happy are you today?

Organizations measure customer happiness and satisfaction every day, but how often do you measure employee happiness?

Plasticity provides organizations with a real-time pulse of their employee satisfaction.

As staff respond to the happiness question, as often as every three hours, managers and leaders can see the ongoing morale of departments, locations, and the entire organization. These reports can be annotated to map to corporate initiatives, company news, or how unexpected changes are impacting team moral.

Employee get their own happiness reports to reflect on the highs and lows and get an in-depth understanding of what truly makes them happy.

Evidence-Based Employee Training

Plasticity’s PATH is the first employee training platform designed to improve organizational health. Training modules consists of short, daily activities built on Plasticity’s HERO Framework to improve employee well-being, team culture, engagement and performance.

Plasticity leverages neuroplasticity (the flexible state of your brain) to develop new thought patterns using a combination positive psychology, sports psychology, high-performance training and emotional intelligence.

Build a positive corporate culture & community

Plasticity’s community page is a place for co-workers to connect, share and reflect on what makes work great.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of work, so we’ve built a private, secure social network where employees can share positive work stories, announcements and more.

Building a positive community helps improve corporate culture and connects employees across departments, levels and locations.

“I value how Plasticity aids in helping me stay connected with my team members. While I’m working away on my computer, I can pop on to Plasticity to see what my other teammate’s are sharing/doing.

I like that it helps celebrate the small accomplishments or adds humour to the work day. I see the extreme potential it has in connecting us all across the board and improving our communication / dynamic / values”

– Jessalyn B.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Meet Mira

Mira is your personal guide and coach through Plasticity

Mira will lead you through your path to personal and professional development, inspiring the concepts of reflection and self-analysis. The more you engage with Mira, the further she can help you to develop your psychological fitness and well-being.

As Mira’s name suggests, she will be your mirror, reflecting your personal thoughts and emotions throughout the platform experience. Remember, these words are your own – she will just help you to interpret the sentiment behind them and get you to consider how they are impacting your life.

Mira can be found in places like the Journal, the Plasticity Dashboard, and during periods of directed learning. Mira also offers privacy and the ability for you to take the lead on your own. Mira remains your partner as you build and reflect a better emotional, mental and intellectual image of yourself.

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