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The most successful organizations today understand that corporate culture drives performance. They also know what makes their culture great. Do you know what drives your corporate culture? Do you know what makes it great?

Plasticity helps organizations put employees first in their people and culture strategies. Based on Plasticity’s HERO Framework, we have identified that personal well-being has a significantly positive impact on organizational health, employee engagement and performance.

Decades of research and scientific evidence has proven that employee happiness and well-being are linked to improved communications and trust, customer satisfaction, higher-performing sales teams, and a reduction in sick days and turnover.

Consulting Services

Plasticity works with leaders and management teams to build great places to work.

We begin by helping organizations understand their culture by assessing their current state. The insights we gather are uniquely focused on identifying the traits that enhance or detract from building the highest-performing teams. They help us guide your people and culture roadmap to work towards an ideal future state where culture thrives and employees can flourish.

Our strategic planning helps organizations take the needed steps to create a psychologically safe workplace that positively impacts employee mental health.

Our Process

At Plasticity, we take a human-centered design approach to building your people and culture strategy.

Our process begins with discovery and empathy to understand your current organizational health using Plasticity Insights. From this baseline assessment, we help you understand your current state and work together to build the ideal future state of your workplace.

Consulting Services

Current State Assessment


Through a combination of people analytics, stakeholder assessments, interviews, observations, Plasticity will deliver a report on your organization’s current state of people and culture. This custom report includes data, insights, and opinions of experts for leadership discussion and planning.

Ideal Future State of Your Workplace


In this session, Plasticity will work with your leadership team to develop a future-focused people and culture strategy. Based on the findings of your Insights Report™, Plasticity will take an employee-centric and/or customer-centric strategy approach to building a better workplace.

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